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Step 1:

Deposit a minimum of 20/= to paybill number 934444 and use the account number GOMA

Step 2:

Send an SMS with your 3 lucky numbers between 000 - 999 with a prefix of the word TEKE e.g (TEKE234) to 29055

Latest Draw Results

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Issue Number Draw Result

Congratulations to all our lotto winners #shindateketeke

Bet Amount 2 Match Payout 3 Match Payout
20 60 6,000
40 120 12,000
60 180 18,000
80 240 24,000
100 300 30,000
120 360 36,000
140 420 42,000
160 480 48,000
180 540 54,000
200 600 60,000

Play and stand a chance of winning a brand new Isuzu Bus!

About Us

Goma lotto is Kenya’s newest and most exciting lotto with the best odds of up to 300X. Goma Lotto holds its draws every 30 minutes giving you a chance to win BIG repeatedly! We have our first exciting game being TEKETEKE, with plans to unveil more games.


Who Benefits

1) Gor Mahia FC

We Plan to invest into the development of the club by engaging in projects such as;

2) Kenyan Youth

Goma lotto plans to invest in youth group activities and business that will empower, change and uplift the lives of the youth

3) Your self by being a winner when you play our many exciting games

By playing Goma Lotto, you're supporting Gor Mahia FC

GOMA LOTTO is raising funds for the development of GorMahia FC, Kenya’s biggest and most successful football club. Amongst other activities we plan to develop a New Stadium for the Team, Set up a Football Academy, Build a Club House, Upgrade players and Officials welfare and offer Educational Support to the Young Upcoming Players.

Youth Empowerment

GOMA LOTTO is also investing in youth group activities and youth group businesses with the goal of empowering the Kenyan Youth.

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Customer care: +(254) 799 86 25 24
Office: Finance House, 8th Floor, Loita Street, Nairobi Kenya

Yes - you can play if you're 18 and over. Play responsibly